Project Application

Data Accelerator Project/Data Request

Due to high sensitivity of Data Accelerator datasets, there is a Project/Data request process that Penn State University Researchers must complete prior to working with the data.  There are a few simple steps in the process to gain access to the data for your research project:

  1. Complete the below application
  2. Your application will be reviewed within 2 weeks of receipt
  3. Once your application is reviewed, the Data Accelerator will notify you if there are any questions and of next steps
  4. Once your application is approved, the Data Accelerator will create a custom dataset for your project. Both Identified and de-identified projects are available.

To expedite the review of your application you may consider a 15-30 minute phone consultation with the Data Accelerator Assistant Director, Ashley Stauffer. Most projects that complete a consultation meeting prior to submitting a project request have their requests approved in less than two weeks.

Instructions: Please complete the below application for the Data Accelerator. You might consider completing the responses in a word document and copying and pasting the information into the form. Once you have completed your application press the ‘submit application’ button. You may use information from pre-existing documents such as research grant proposals, existing IRB protocols, or other documents in which the research you will be performing with the data is clearly outlined. 

Research Project Application Form_New

Researcher Information


Project Team

e.g. Jane Doe, PhD, Associate Professor, Penn State University
Other non co-investigators that will be working on the project and will have access to data. e.g. John Smith, Student, Penn State, Research Assistant
Who on your team will be working with the data?

Information about the Project

Study/project title
Do you have an IRB for this project?
Funded research projects run through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at Penn State. We track this information for reporting purposes.
The Data Accelerator analytic team can link datasets for you and provide you a subset of data without identifiers. You can also choose to submit an 'identified project' and create the linkages yourself. We are happy to speak with you more about assisting you with creating linkages for your project.
E.g. CWIS, AFCARS, Infutor, Medicaid MAX file, county child welfare data, etc.

Project purpose, background, and aims

The information from this section can be copied and pasted from your project IRB, Grant proposal, or other supporting documentation.

Project Close

When do you anticipate your project will end?

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Project Classification Types

Level 3 Projects

Projects using data that contains personally identifiable information (PII), PHI, or other types of information classified as “High” (see Penn State Policy AD95) (e.g. Social Security Numbers, credit card or financial account numbers, etc.)  must be performed in the Data Accelerator Physical Enclave. The Data Enclave is located within 106 Henderson Building at the University Park campus. 

Level 2 Projects

Certain projects that have all (or most) identifiers stripped, and are classified as “Moderate” (see Penn State Policy AD95), may be accessed outside of the Enclave. There are a few approaches to accessing data outside of the Data Accelerator enclave, and we would work with your team to determine the best approach for your research.